My daughter Mrudul is learning Kathak in Sunatya with Shalini Garg for last nine months. Shalini is the  passionate dancer and teacher. Without fail every  student is attended individually in the class. Mrudul eagerly waits for the Kathak class every week.
Watching my daughter dancing , I too felt like giving a try to learn Kathak. First time in my life I started learning with Shalini and now I too wait eagerly for the Kathak day every week.
It brings utmost pleasure for both of us.


I joined Sunatya Academy of Performing Arts in July 2014. Its almost near to two years and now I am in love with Kathak.
Hobby became passion only because of my Guru Mrs. Shalini Garg.
Although we are not there where we are supposed to be but her encouragement will help us to reach there soon.
She is an enthusiastic and dedicated dance teacher who inspires her students with her energy and sincerity.
Her curriculum is well-planned and gives her students progressive skills from fundamentals to more work.
She is highly sensitive to the needs of her students and has great patience, and genuine thoughtfulness and concern for others.
Thanks to Shalini for being such an experienced, patient and kind dance teacher.
I would recommend her to any one wanting to learn a little bit of Kathak or to learn to be a professional.

ritu verma

I had already learnt Kathak for 3 years when I joined Shalini’s Sunatya. Its a time I look forward to. Not only because I enjoy the camaraderie that I enjoy with fellow dancers and Shalini – but because of a complete non-judgmental approach to learning that stresses on the foundations on one side and gives that space for us to blossom into very individualistic dancers.


Dancing is an amazing art and more important is the teacher because she takes your ability to a new level, guides you and finds the dancer in you. Not everyone can do this. I am glad that me and my daughter has a teacher who is gifted with this talent. She is as an amazing choreographer, dancer, and above all she is great with kids.
Shalini inspires us to dance to the best of our abilities and gently pushes us to achieve perfection. Shalini’s energy, love ,patience and creativity manifests in every lesson. I have been learning Kathak with Shalini for past 3 years now and my daughter has been learning for almost a year now and we both look forward to our classes and its amazing to see the way I have improved in my dance and the way my daughter has picked up. Really glad and honoured to be your student Shalini and its a blessing to learn from you.
Thank you so much and we grateful to you.

ruchi doshi

I still remember my first meeting with Shalini, impressed by her professionalism and candor, I could not wait to start my class. I am actually a seasoned Bharatnatyam dancer and wanted to flirt around with kathak and learn its nuances. But now I am sold out, body, soul and life to this beautiful dance. And the person responsible to make me love and worship Kathak is Shalini.
Shalini is an amazing dancer, creative choreographer, wonderful and patient teacher and above all a lovely human being.
She has the ability to instill in us wonder and respect for this beautiful form of classical dance. Seeing me so much in love with Kathak, my daughter too started learning from Shalini. We both have not only learnt kathak from Shalini but have become better individuals under her tutelage.
I strongly recommend her to anyone who would like to experience the art of Kathak.
Thank you so much and we grateful to you.

Dr. Amee Daxini