Gangani Ji’s workshop

Such a special and auspicious Basant Panchami we had. Our three days workshop series with Guruji Pt. Rajendra Gangani Ji. What an honour it is to learn from him. A huge thank you and pranaam to Guruji for teaching us with such patience and joy.

Durga Didi’s workshop

Getting to spend three days with the legend Guru Vidushi Smt. Durga Arya didi was magical. Such energy, beauty and so much laughter. Didi never ceases to amaze us. We are filled with gratitude.

Mamta Maharaj Ji’s Workshop

With every swirl, every thap, every expression and every move, she embodies the beauty, delicacy and love that is Kathak.

Sunatya Academy Of Performing Arts had the good fortune of hosting a workshop by none other than Guru Mamta Maharaj ji – daughter of Kathak legend Pandit Birju Maharaj ji.

Contemporary Dance Workshop

We let our bodies, mind and soul explore a different language through Niranjan Harish’s session on Contemporary Movement.
Glimpses of the contact improvisation workshop.

Painting Workshop

We Heart Art!
At Sunatya, we aim to create a community space that is encouraging and safe, providing for an uninhibited environment for the exploration of all forms of art that we can lay our hands, eyes, ears, feet on. This is our workshop with Abhishek Rout, the multifaceted artist, at Sunatya Academy Of Performing Arts!